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The DOL doctors at Work-Med in Dallas are experienced in treating federal employees as part of the DOL-OWCP workers compensation program.

The claims process for injured federal workers is very different from state and private insurance workers compensation claims. Department of Labor Federal Workers Comp has its own set of forms that are used to file work-related injuries with the United States Dept. of Labor. Perhaps the most common forms used by injured federal employees are the CA1 and CA2 forms for reporting injuries, CA17 Duty Status forms necessary for time off of work, and a CA7 Claim for Compensation form used to request compensation benefits so the injured employee can get paid while unable to work. Our DOL doctors are experienced in the DOL claims process and can help you accurately and correctly complete all required forms.

Though the Federal Employee Compensation Act (FECA) makes all injured federal employees eligible for workers compensation benefits (provided the injury occurred at work and was not due to gross negligence), injured government workers must provide the proper documentation in order to get their claims accepted. This is why it is very important that injured federal workers see a primary care doctor who is experienced in dealing with the DOL-OWCP.

Proper documentation is of the utmost importance for an injured federal worker. If your doctor is unable to fully and accurately show work-related causation for your injury you will not be able to receive all of the benefits afforded to you by FECA. Be sure to call WORK-MED to find a DOL doctor who is an expert in dealing with DOL work comp injuries.

The DOL Doctors at WORK-MED Specialize in:

  • Thorough, accurate medical narratives that show a clear association between your injury and your government job.
  • Providing free, expert claims assistance for proper filing of all necessary forms Proper filing and case management for traumatic injury claims (CA-1)
  • Proper filing and case management for occupational disease claims (CA-2).
  • Working with denied claims so they can be properly reworked and accepted.
  • Helping injured feds receive Continuation of Pay (COP)
  • Accurate and proper filing of CA7 form for Compensation
  • Accurate and proper filing of CA17
  • Duty Status Reports
  • Schedule Award Impairment Ratings
  • Medical condition upgrades when appropriate CA-2a
  • Injury Reoccurence filed and accepted
  • Helping injured federal employees receive the best injury care so they can return to their job in good health.

We Provide the Following DOL Injury Care for Federal Workers

  • Physical Rehabilitation for Strengthening Muscles and Pain Relief
  • Pain Management and Medication Management
  • Trigger Point Injections for Pain Relief
  • Tens Units for pain relief at home
  • Back Braces and Knee Braces for Muscle and Joint Stability

We treat DOL Work Injuries from ALL Federal Agencies. For example: United States Postal Service (USPS) Letter carriers and mail handlers FEMA Port Authority TSA US Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Border Patrol Federal Prisons Homeland Security Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ICE All Other Federal Agencies If you were injured while working for the federal government FECA affords you the right to choose your treating doctor and the right to receive full medical care and compensation benefits. To get the best injury care, call the experienced DOL doctors at WORK-MED today!

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