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Treating Injured Letter Carriers

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At WORK-MED our DOL doctors are experienced in treating injured letter carriers, mail handlers, clerks, and other employees of the Unites States Postal Service (USPS). As experienced Federal Workers Compensation doctors, WORK-MED has seen countless injuries suffered by good postal employees and has helped them receive the very best in work injury care. We’ve also worked with hundreds of injured postal workers by offering free claims assistance and walking with them through the entire DOL-OWCP injury claim process.

Though we hate to see anyone suffer an injury, we are glad to provide excellent services to injured members of AFGE, APWU, NALC, LIUNA, and the local Lone Star Branch 132.

FREE DOL-OWCP Claims Assistance

Our DOL doctors and highly trained staff offer free claims assistance and case management to make sure ijured postal workers reeive the full measure of injury care and compensation benefits they deserve. Our team manages governement employee acciden assistance and supplements all medical and legal work for employees who face accident on the job. Our staff is comprised of DOL experts with years of experience in dealing with federal injury claims for postal employees. They make sure to cover all aspespects so that you receive individualized medical treatmentnecessary for your particular injury. Our team will work with you to inform you of all your rights afforded to you by the Federal Employee Comensation Act (FECA) and to make sure you earn all compnensation benefits for which you are eligible.

Why Letter Carriers Prefer WORK-MED

  • Thorough and accurate documentation from DOL-OWCP claims experts
  • Excellent injury care and patient service Comprehensive therapy for head, neck, back, shoulder, arm wrist, leg, and much more!

Additional services include:

  • Federal Work Injury therapy
  • Doctors’ visits during the treatment process
  • Referrals for Legal assistance in Federal Workers Compensation
  • Staff that can assist with your OWCP forms About the Postal Worker Injury and Compensation Program

We help out patients earn every benefit for which they qualify. All postal workers, working all hours and all shifts, qualify for the exact same benefits if they are injured on the job. Workers with new and existing claims should seek medical help from our expert DOL doctors.

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