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Why Does Work-Med Provide Free, Expert Case Management and Free Claims Processing?

  • Simply put... Filing a federal workers compensation claim can be a real headache.
    Injured workers have already gone through so much regarding their injury, so we want to help alleviate any stress that we can. 
  • The US Dept. of Labor (DOL) requires special and specific forms for reporting work injuries.
    Forms such as CA1 and CA2 forms, aggravations to existing work injuries, work status reporting CA17, Continuation of Pay (COP), etc, can be overwhelming to many injured workers. We want to put our DOL experience to good use by helping our patients properly complete their forms and file their claims so they get their claims approved and receive the injury care and compensation benefits they deserve.
  • If an injured federal employee files their claim improperly they could lose their case
    and be denied the workers' compensation benefits they deserve. We go the extra mile to make sure our patients get the assistance they need because poor documentation of DOL work injuries can have devastating effects on the injured worker's ability to receive benefits during treatment.

Did your supervisor inform you of your right to choose your own treating doctor? The Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) affords you the right to choose a doctor you trust to put your needs first! The Federal Workers Compensation doctors at WORK-MED do not bow to the pressures of your employing agency and will advocate for you to make sure you get excellent injury care and treatment.

Why We're the Preferred Choice For Injured Federal Workers

We Put the Patients Needs First!

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that injured federal employees get the very best injury care, treatment, and therapy so that they can heal and return to normal life without nagging and reoccuring injuries. Unlike other providers, we do not rush the employee back to work or cut our treatments short due to pressures from the employer.

We Are Honest and Ethical

With so many providers in the news lately due to DOL fraud, its good to know that there are DOL doctors who are not overtaken by greed and who seek to be compliant with protocol and best practices so that their patients get all of the compensation benefits they deserve.

We Are Experienced As Federal Workers Compensation Doctors

Our doctors have helped hundreds, even thousands, of injured federal employees and know how to provide proper documentation and expert case management for all of our injured federal patients.

We Are Committed to Excellence

Our federal workers compensation doctors and highly trained staff are committed to the highest standards of excellence when it comes to patient care and customer service. We are a friendly group that treats every DOL-OWCP claim as though it is our only one.

We Are Not Beholden to Your Employer As “Company Doctors”

The same strong ethics that compel us to make all effort to get our patients back to work at their federal jobs also compel us to make sure that the patient is rushed back to work before they have received the full amount of care, treatment, and therapy their injury requires. We will provide the right amount of communication with your employing agency and adjusters so that they allow us to do our job in the best way possible.

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