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The Advantages of Enlisting a DOL Doctor

There is nothing easy about going through an injury that you deserve compensation for. However, you can make the entire process run smoother so that you can get the situation resolves thoroughly. Recovery takes time and the best DOL doctors do not want to see you suffer financially from this. If you have gone through an accident in a car, or you require workers compensation for an injury that occurred in the work building, you should enlist the services of a DOL doctor, and here are a few of the advantages. 

You Will Have Someone by Your Side That Listens

You do not have to go through an auto injury alone, and while you may have friends and family by your side listening to your experience, you should also involve experts that understand federal workers comp (DOL). They will listen to your needs and will know how to productively move forward. A DOL doctor will also have the skills to accurately assess your injury and link it the work activity that was being performed when it happened. It is extremely important that the documentation for your injury is not glossed over, but makes sense for insurance companies, lawyers, and your employer. 

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You Have a Doctor That Is Dedicated to You

When going through workers compensation, you will want to find a doctor that is dedicated to you. A DOL doctor will be outside of your company and the insurance agency so that you are the primary concern, and the bottom dollar of others involved. This can be a stressful time between missing work and still having bills come in, and a DOL doctor works to ensure you are free of these stresses so that you can recovery. 

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You Will Have an Expert to Guide You 

Having an expert by your side that knows what is involved when it comes to workers compensation doctor will make the process go by quicker because you will see process occur in both your recovery as well as your claim. A DOL doctor understands that different injuries that can occur, and they will speak with you and your family about the best steps to take next. Knowing what to expect next will give you confidence and help boost your spirits as you go through this time. Don’t hesitate to reach out and make that call today to get guidance through this time in your health. 

How to Move Forward After An Injury

Once you’ve gone through a major injury, it can seem like everything slows down and it is difficult to move forward. However, trust that there are is relief when you take a few proactive steps. Your world doesn’t have to stand still during this time and here we look at actions you can take right now to help move forward in a productive and result driven way. 

Hire a DOL Doctor That Is on Your Side

Hiring a DOL doctor that is experienced and on your side is the first step to getting better both financially and physically. If you were injured at work and dealing with pain, you should know that you don’t have to go to the company doctor or take the recommendations of them. You can choose the DOL doctor that makes the most sense for you and you are the most comfortable with. They’ll understand the specific nature of workers compensation and the importance of clearly linking the injury to the job so that it is easy to understand for legal purposes. 

Take It One Step at a Time 

Whether you’ve suffered from an auto injury that you deserve compensation from or you performing a work job that resulted in an accident, a DOL doctor can help – but you have to take it one step at a time. While it may feel like the process isn’t moving forward, you should celebrate the little victories while in physical therapy and when getting treatments. The doctors will be working quickly to ensure the paperwork is submitted accurately, and your job will be to focus on the recovery so that you can get back to your life before you were injured. 

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Get the Care You Need and Deserve

Bringing in medical experts that understand the complex nature of federal workers comp (DOL) will be vital to ensuring you get the care you deserve. They will make you a priority and work on behalf of your best interests. Getting the guidance you need during a time like this will be the best way to move on and recover, and you and your family will appreciate that you are working with a medical provider that puts you first. If you aren’t sure if a DOL doctor is right for you, then take the time to schedule a free consultation to see if they are the right choice for your injury. 

ALL is an Important Word

The Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) provides compensation benefits to injured federal employees. According to the law, any federal employee who suffers an injury related to their duties on the job is entitled to compensation that covers ALL of their medical expenses. This “ALL” includes several things that are sometimes overlooked:

  1. Travel expenses to and from medical treatments. Injured employees are not responsible to cover the cost of the commute when it comes to their medical treatment. It is important to keep an accurate travel log of your commute to and from your medical provider.

  2. Home services. In some injury cases, individuals are in need of services around the house like cleaning, laundry help, etc. In most cases, these expenses can be covered.

  3. Vocational rehabilitation. If the nature of an injury prevents an injured worker from returning to their previous job, the OWCP will cover the cost of vocational rehab in order to help injured workers return to gainful employment.

Don’t miss out on valuable compensation benefits that could help you during your recovery. You might just find that some of the expenses that you’ve been covering out of pocket are eligible for compensation.

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Finally, don’t forget that all medical expenses are covered, too. This includes prescriptions, medical treatments, therapeutic treatments, and any other rehabilitative treatments or services that are required.

The Dangers of Certain Pain Meds

Auto injuries and work-related injuries can often result in chronic pain and many are under the misunderstanding that the best and most effective method for treating pain is through the use of prescribed opioids. However, opioids are meant to utilized in order to manage pain for a short term period to manage temporary pain from something like a broken bone or a surgical procedure, for instance.

The rise of opioid sales in the United States has seen a correlating rise in opioid-related drug overdoses resulting in death. Some of this comes from intentional abuse, but some is the result of not understanding the dangers.

Consumer Reports provided three misconceptions that consumers have regarding opioids:

  1. The misconception that opioids work well for chronic pain. They do not because they don’t treat the pain; they simply mask it.

  2. The misconception that opioids are not addictive when used to treat pain. They are very addictive. Some studies report that nearly 25% of those who are prescribed opioids wind up addicted to them.

  3. The misconception that extended release opioids are safer. Actually, extended release opioids are preferred among those who abuse drugs.

These misconceptions and other misunderstandings lead people to overuse and abuse drugs for pain. There are other, drug-free options for managing your pain. Pain medications simply mask the pain, but don’t treat it. Don’t just mask your pain; treat your pain through available drug-free methods and get relief.

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